Beautiful hearts get me every time! Beauty is a light in the heart ❤️. One beautiful, loving, compassionate, forgiving, and giving heart ❤️ stands out more than 1000 beautiful faces 😍. Would you agree?
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BE the energy!⚡️Yasss! I love that! You will not attract everything awesome, exciting, positive, abundant, and epic in your life until you are becoming all of those things first ??. It all starts with a decision and then managing and acting on that decision every day ?. No better time to start than, NOW! ✅ Mission EPIC LIFE begins now! Who is ready to runnnnn?! ??‍♀??????⚡️⚡️
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After two days in this stunning London hotel where we met so many beautiful men and women excited to partner for an exciting future, how could I not be inspired to handletter? this piece?! So many stories of people ready and committed to create a masterpiece of a life here in London and the surrounding area…stay-at-home mums, single mums, attorneys, corporate executives, London cabbie, trader, personal trainers, dentist, and so many more ✨✨✨ The best is yet to come! ??
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Yes , ??BE?? …yep, you have to work on how you’re “BEING” before you will be successful with the DO and the HAVE. I’ll be honest, this hasn’t always been easy for me because of my tendency to go shy or timid (dang it!). However, I knew I was capable of so much more in my life and worked every day on my courage to step out and BE BOLD as I pursued my goals and dreams ??✨✨✨✨ There is no reward in playing small my friends! Seek courage, lean into your greatness, pursue wisdom, and be bold towards what sets your soul on fire! ???? ((tag someone who might like to read this ❤️))
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With everything happening in the world today, especially those who have been or are about to be affected by the hurricanes, I thought you may find this scripture from Psalm 4:1 as comforting as I do ❤️??❤️ “When I call, answer me, O my righteous God. Make a way of escape for me in my distress. Have mercy on me and hear my prayer.”
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Are you like most people and are lamenting the passing of the last official weekend of summer?? Or are you one of the fortunate few who are actually looking forward to the next season in your life? Sadly, the tomorrow’s of life will be here before we know it! So, if you’re not looking forward to tomorrow, then change what you’re doing today and go to work to create ? your masterpiece of a life ✨! If you agree, comment below how this speaks ? to you.
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Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7
I read this today and there was a peace in my ❤️…such beautiful TRUTH ????  #lynnsartjournal #handlettering #truth


God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1 ??????❤️
We ❤️ you #TexasStrong! #lynnsartjournal #handlettering


What are you thinking about? A penny for your thoughts… I’d love to know what’s going on in that head of yours. For example, most people spend more time thinking about what they do NOT want and less time on what they DO WANT. What about you? Where are your thoughts taking you? And if you’re like most people, and your thoughts are not taking you in the right direction, then maybe it’s time for a check up from the neck up!


Do you feel arrows coming your way at times? We all do as we are growing and stretching outside of our comfort zone. You will often have bullies at the border of your comfort zone, and it can hurt…because sometimes they are those closest to us ??. It’s okay, keep going. Keep on the journey of personal growth and pursuing what is closest to your heart ❤️. It’s worth it! I decided to watercolor this today because this often comes up as I am coaching people in my business and I always tell them to grow a thick skin as arrows and junk is being thrown your way (like a suit of armor)…but keep your big heart ❤️. You can’t go wrong with that! Do you agree? ??????


#FriYAY vibes ✨✨✨ It’s starting off grrrreat already! Who’s ready for an epic weekend?!!! #lynnartjournal  #handlettering


K I N D P E O P L E ?❤️  #mytribe #lynnsartjournal #handlettering


While most of the world is focusing on the negative and what isn’t working, be the one who always shows up with a smile, a positive attitude, focusing on the solution rather than the problem, and seeing the best in others first. I promise that you will love living life that way and others will enjoy being around you and even more attracted to you and your message. Be a balcony person… be the one who lights up a room when you walk in and takes them higher. Ditch the negativity and gossip which takes people to the basement. Leave people better than when they entered into conversation with you! In a flock of pigeons, be the beautiful flamingo ?#takepeopleHIGHER #betheLIGHT #handlettering #lynnsartjournal


You can choose to grow or shrink back through your experiences. I choose GROWTH ?! I’m committed to lifelong learning and failing FORWARD. Ongoing success will come from ongoing learning and should become a fundamental discipline. Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again…but with more knowledge this time ??????. Isn’t that AWESOME! #failforward #handlettering #grow #growthmindset


This was the theme of our worship and study this morning. So beautiful and so true ????????  Luke 12:34  #handlettering #lynnsartjournal


For those of you who heard my husband, Michael S. Clouse, speak at Celebration, you know what the #egg means. ???? What does the EGG mean to you?


Happy Sunday my friends! Forgiveness is such a purifier of the soul…so beautiful. Take the time to look up Colossians 3:13. Such a heart filled reminder ???❤️??  #forgiveness #handlettering


Being bold and being timid BOTH are acquired habits. They are learned behaviors; boldness isn’t inherited. Successful people LEARN to be bold in their thinking and actions. What can you do today to cultivate boldness? Cultivating boldness takes guts! More goals and dreams have been defeated because of lack of boldness and execution than for any other reason. Give me an emoji ? if you agree and comment below to declare your bold and audacious goals ??




Planning Counts! As my pal Gary Ryan Blair says…Planning without action is unproductive and action without planning can be counterproductive. Planning without action is like having a multiple personality disorder. You want, talk, and long to have, be, or do something, yet you do nothing about it… Why not create history rather than repeat it? Why not commit to having the best year of your life? Why not develop a plan that allows you to experience exceptional growth? All of this is possible with PLANNING! ?? ? #lynnsartjournal #handlettering #planning #excellence #success


Teaching, training and coaching, when done right, is LOVE ❤️ in its purest form ? #lynnsartjournal #handlettering


There nothing like helping people see in themselves what they never thought possible…believing in them before they believed in themselves ??. I’m forever grateful for those special people in my life ??  #inspire #greatness #lynnsartjournal


Choose your energy and you and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! The first step is to have gratitude flow from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night. Choosing gratitude where I currently am while casting a strong, powerful, and unwavering vision forward regarding my future has always led me to richer relationships and abundance. And it’s a much better place to “live” in your head ?. You’ll find that you will attract more of what you want in your life when you are living out of a place of gratitude and abundance rather than scarcity and lack ??
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There is momentum and power behind focused thinking…regardless of whether you are focused on your obstacles or your GOALS. When you are laser FOCUSED ? on your goals you attract and see things you may have never seen before. It opens your mind to possibilities and strategies to move over, around and through any obstacle that may be in your way.  #focus #choose #yougetwhatyouFOCUSon #lynnsartjournal


Attitudes are contagious–are yours worth catching? Your attitude will absolutely define your success. You are 100% in control. “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes” – William James ?? The types of thoughts that you think are habitual. The positive thinker imagines the possibilities and attracts success! Ask yourself, who are you becoming? Because what you feed grows…


❤️?T R U E F R I E N D S?❤️

…because after all, who doesn’t love peace ?? in relationships, the workplace, our communities and our world ?


Choose Wisely….   #wellnesswednesday



Yes! It all starts with YOU ???. Success is a decision that you make and then everyday manage that decision and that’s what moves you to make your goals and dreams a reality. Don’t let the day to day struggles derail you, stay laser beam focused on the masterpiece of a life you’re creating, and keep your armor on for all the crud that will get thrown your way (and it WILL ?). Be steadfast and dig your heels in when it comes to your goals. Your future depends on it ????  #mondaymotivation #success #you #youfactor


Yes! Follow your bliss, follow your passion, and move towards what makes your heart sing ? ???… and it won’t feel like you’ll “work” another day ??  #lynnsartjournal #handlettering #mondaymotivation


This was one of my favorite hand lettering projects I created using watercolor paints ?❤️  #handlettering #watercolor #loveyourself #loveothers #artjournal





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